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What can we do?

Any project that can be done on a computer starting from mobile to web and graphic design, can be done to us. We can make various types of projects:

-Web software development;

-Mobile application;



What do we offer?

If you need IT consulting, custom software custom design databases or effective management of IT projects of any kind, you can call our service.

We offer optimizations for existing applications using our existing newest web technologies.

We provide maintenance and support for all applications.

How do we proceed?

We help companies to transform and adapt to the new demands of the digital world through a modern approach focused on the development of customized software applications and platforms.

Applications delivery is quick and without any delays because we are using innovative technologies and platforms.

Our methodology presumes development and continoud innovation, build on a culture oriented to the customer needs.

Why do we do it?

Because each company must think, plan and act taking into account automation and digitization processes because each company will have to adapt their products and their services them using technology increasingly more.

We have added on this site same examples of our projects which you can inspire both the complexity,and the seriousness.

Our integrated services are available regardless of the area where you are.

Offices USA & Romania.

  • Software

  • Mobile

  • E-commerce

  • Marketing


When we talk about software development we mean the most important filed in this service: consulting, design, implementation, testing, maintenance and outsourcing. Custom software solutions save time and money by using solutions "custom made" solutions adapted to each company. Given the current technological momentum every company should use to some extent such solutions, be they standard or custom. We offer custom software development services, designed for any type of business, based on a comprehensive analysis of your company and of our experience in software development.


E-commerce refers to selling/buying goods and services throught electonic media.

We offer complete and customized online business development in Magento and WordPress platforms, from simple online shops that sell some products to stores with thousands of products.

Our methodology combines development with continuous innovation, which is oriented on customer needs.

Our team of e-commerce helps you to transform digital experience in a immediate profitable business.


We offer a complete package of marketing services which are covering the current requirements of the field. You can choose one or more of the following:

-Online marketing

-Portofolio strategy

-Brand Positioning

-Marketing strategy

-Services Procurement (marketing projects)

-Budgets opimization marketing

-Marketing training courses

Mobile Applications

According to the latest studies in the past two years mobile device are the most poppular sites.

A mobile app is a direct connection channel between a company and its customers, for a better customer tracking behavior to submit its bids in a personalized way.

The mobile application comes to enhance your business image and thanks to technology may offer the customer a more comfortable environment for direct interaction with your company, whether he wants to order something or just to inform.

We provide innovative solutions for creating mobile applications on platforms Android, iOS, Windows Phone and hybrid, using the latest technologies available.


Radio station application


- Web services - servlets (java)

- UI – jsp, css and jquery

- Raspberry PI – configuration

- Data Storage - Oracle

Public listen to highway radio stations to learn about traffic conditions as: under construction sectors, limited speed sectors, closed roads and other likely information.

The system is composed of radio stations, raspberry PI which send the content to the radio, admin interface, and a transport software which connects all the components.

Repair management application


- web services - servlets (java)

- UI – jsp, css and jquery (responsive design)

- Data Storage - Oracle

This software offers to firms to monitor and manage the status of all vehicles within the firm.

It is an internal application that is used for scheduling repairs, provided or unforeseen allocating different mechanics and keeping them in time.

It can be used in desktop and mobile versions (tablet or phone).

Application notifications state roads


- Web Services - servlets

- UI - JSP, CSS and jQuery

- Data Storage - Oracle

The general public can register on a website to receive notifications by mail or phone about various segments of the road; Roads can choose the types of messages desired method of service.

It consists of interface for administrators and the general public, communication with the external system that delivers messages proper system for storing user preferences.

Travel application


- Application hybrid - Cordova, Ionic

- Web Services - servlets

- UI - Angular, CSS and jQuery ( "responsive designed")

- Data Storage - Oracle

- Development Platform - Cordova-ion (application hybrid)

This application is made for the general public, providing detailed programming information for accommodation anywhere in the world. It consists of a mobile application for the public and a system where it manages travel destinations:

- The public can program their trips according to your desired destination using a mobile application (Android + iOS)

- Web site administrators can introduce new destinations, you can add relevant photos and more.

Contact Managemtnt Application


- Web Services - servlets (Java)

- Google contact API (search API)

- UI - Jsp, Css si Jquery

- Data Storage - Oracle

This software offers to firms to monitor and manage the status of all employee within the firm.

It uses google api to make google groups with all the emplyees of a particular sector. This software helps the firm to find an available specialist in a particular domain within the firm.


Pahotech helps companies from all industry to innovate, to adapt in a continuous and constantly changing environment of technology. We are a young company but with an experience and an expertise of 15 years in IT, both in terms of company management and in terms of key personnel, company that you desire close to you because we are the ones you we understand business and translate it in a record time in the world with the highest growth opportunities over the past 20 years, the digital world.

Pahotech provides integrated services in software development leaving customers to choose from a diverse range and versatile software products and services, to obtain the functionalities and processes necessary for gaining performance in their businesses. We realize applications throughout the development cycle, from identifying customer needs (with or without a feasibility study or business plan that on request we can do it ourselves) to testing and maintenance, all to very high standards. In this moment our clients are divided into three continents: Europe, America and Asia.